Battle Creek Pizza Department, nick named the BCPD, is moving into the former CiCi's Pizza location in the Minges Creek Plaza off Beckley Road. The restaurant is aiming to open on July 1 and has been undergoing renovations on this vacant portion of the building for some time now, as the Battle Creek Enquirer reported.

If you plan to visit the BCPD, you'll find yourself in a pizza joint that is aiming to become a favorite in the Battle Creek area, with a police department feel.

One of the owners, Dave Barrus, who is from the Harper Creek area, feels it will be a good fit for the community, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer. With fun decor and shots of apprehended and arrested celebrities along with a more "sporty feel" than CiCi's, including mounted TVs, the BCPD it is sure to be a new hot spot in the area.

Keep an eye out for the Battle Creek Pizza Department's sign at the plaza, stop by for a pie and let us know what you think!