This week, we debut a new segment on The Richard Piet Show: Wiggly Tail Wednesdays! In partnership with the Humane Society of South Central Michigan, WBCK will feature a different, adoptable pet each week.

We'll discuss them on the air on Wednesdays at 7:54 a.m., then show you the pet of the week here at!

Our first pet of the week is Jeremiah, a 1.5 year old cat who is blind. Jeremiah was born blind, and does require some special considerations by his potential new family:

  • Keep food/water/litter box in the same place
  • Don't move your furniture
  • Keep your house clutter-free
  • Remove/cover sharp edges and corners
  • Try to avoid loud, sudden noises
  • Make positive, humming noises around your cat so he knows you are there
  • Speak to your cat when you enter the room and before petting or touching her
  • Blind cats love to play! Try sound-based games, such as "follow-the-noise." Anything that crinkles, crackles, resounds or can be tapped can serve as a new source of entertainment
  • Blind cats' other senses may make up for blindness. A clean litterbox is a must for a cat whose nose is extra sensitive
  • You should have one litterbox per cat in your household, plus one additional litterbox. If your home is very large or has multiple levels, you may need to add another litterbox.
  • Let your cat smell visitors' hands before they touch her.

For more information about the process to adopt a pet from the Humane Society of South Central Michigan, click the link.

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