Yesterday was National Clean Your Desk Day.  Today, is National Clean Your Home Day.

I suppose that in the vision of the well-intended people who create these days, we should be motivated to rid our lives of the flotsam and jetsam that keep us from reaching a higher state of existence on this earthly plane.  To throw off the chains and shackles that bind us and tie us to "things."  To go forth and make a life of order and peace out of our current state of chaos.

Okay, maybe that's a tad heavy.

Probably they just wants us to take care of some of the stuff that tends to pile up on the dining room table that causes us to be crazy.

May I suggest, that If by chance you've decided to  take this day seriously and plow full-bore into this cleaning thing, the easiest place to start might be to throw out/recycle all the things that you no longer use.

Ooohhh. That's a problem.  Perhaps we should just pause here and confess that we have ALL have a box, a stack, a pile or otherwise of stuff that, while may still work, is painfully obsolete or outdated.  Things that at one time may have been important to us and to the efficient functioning of our lives, but today they're almost, well, embarrassing to admit you still hold on to.  But somehow, we just can't seem to bring ourselves to throw it away.

Oh how eloquently you'll plead, but it still works.  You continue your argument with the additional affirmative defense that you paid darn good money for it back in the day.  That HAS to count for something, right?

What follows is a list of 15 Outdated Gadgets You Can’t Throw Away.  See how many of those items YOU'RE still holding on to, and the justifications you make to hang on to the stuff.

And remember, confession is good for the soul.  Leave a comment with the stuff you're holding on to, and why!   And get rid of that Jane Fonda workout tape too.