The stage was set: More than 100 ideas for a new flavor of popcorn had been narrowed down to four in the WBCK/Wirtz Family Popcorn Flavor Challenge. Four top vote-getters from online voting over several days in early June at were realized.

On Monday morning, everyone expected to find out which of the four finalists would be chosen by the Wirtz family as their winner - the one whose idea would become the choice for their next flavor. They would win free popcorn for a year!

Then, it happened.

Rob and Amanda Wirtz announced Monday morning on The Richard Piet Show there would be FOUR winners!

"We just couldn't decide," Amanda Wirtz said of the four final ideas.

So, all four ideas will go through the taste testing and development process - and all four popcorn flavor visionaries will receive free popcorn from Wirtz for a year! Here they are:

  1. Candy Bar Celebrations. Popcorn visionary Carrie Wilson received the most votes in the online voting, and describes her flavor this way: "Have different flavors like Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Almond Joy, Reese's, Caramelo, and then mix each flavor in a bag so you get all different flavors when you buy a bag. Sorta like jelly bellys."
  2. Cotton Candy Popcorn. Harlee Bunch describes her idea as "Cotton Candy - pink or blue - with chunks of actual Cotton Candy mixed in with the popcorn in the bag."
  3. Praline Pecan. Jennifer Freiny's idea garnered her third place in the voting.
  4. The King's Mix. Popcorn visionary Patrick O'Donnell's idea is a 'thank-you, thank-you-very-much' to rock-n-roll king Elvis Presley, described as "peanut butter popcorn and banana popcorn mixed together, then topped with chocolate drizzle." His idea came in fourth place.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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