And that's how the conversation started with Tonya when we took some pictures and measurements on Monday.

This is the "THOSE" that she was speaking of:

Photo by Tonya Rocho

Seems that in addition to the positive results I've achieved building my arms, legs and chest, it appears that, perhaps,  I have neglected my belly.  And the numbers don't lie.  I've managed, even with my exercise, put on nearly 20 pounds and increase my overall body fat.

Am I dissapointed?  Sure I am.  I've been working very hard, and have been very dedicated and devoted to this effort.  Frankly, I love working out and save for sickness or scheduling conflicts, I rarely miss a session.  So, how does this happen?

Well, the same way life happens.  As John Lennon once wrote, "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."    Stress, improper nutrition and eating habits are the big three.  All of those things are represented in the love handles pictured.   When the pressures and priorities of life attack your body, this can be the result.

Photo by Tonya Rocho

Am I giving up?  Oh, heavens no!  Tonya is now more focused than ever educating me about diet and eating habits, proper supplement support, and exercise specifically focused on my chubby little belly.

Photo by Tonya Rocho

I've made great progress otherwise.  I have more strength and energy than at any other time in my life.  Other than the belly, I love the way that my chest, arms and legs have developed.  I LIKE having to buy larger shirts!

One of the very best things about working with Tonya is that she's always positive.  I could have been very easily defeated.  She won't let that happen!  She is philosophical, saying that these things can and do happen, no matter how hard you're actually working.  It's just a matter of refocus and refining.  Education.  Be happy for the gains!  Take advantage of the opportunities!

So, over the next few weeks, I'll be posting pictures of the improvements.  Did you see that!  Positive thinking!

And sorry if the pictures of my flab ruined put you off your feed!