I admit it.  I've watched more of the Olympic Winter Games that I ever thought I would.

I have been digging them the most, Daddy-O!  The events have been cool, the stories of the athletes and their hard work and sacrifice are heartwarming, and the way the snowboarders talk is a hoot.  Like, they have a language of their own, like, you know?  Even Bob Costas's funky eye is oddly fascinating.  You keep waiting for it to burst open, and from from the defect comes that creature from Alien.

Say what you will, glitches or not, the opening ceremonies were off the hook.  Over the top in SO many ways.  The history of a nation and it's people told through pageantry!  So moving it was, that it kind of made you nostalgic for the good old days of Communism.

But one of the coolest things at the games doesn't take place inside any of the venues. It takes place just OUTSIDE the entrance to Olympic Park.  Dig this.

Faces on a Giant Screen of Morphing Pistons

Pretty cool, huh.  And now, something for the juvenile males amongst us, so that we may giggle.

11 Naughty-Sounding Scientific Names (and What They Really Mean)

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