It's true!  Old dogs CAN learn new tricks.  And I, your humble writer, am living proof.

First of all, THANK YOU and a tip of the loaf to ALL who shopped yesterday at the Bellevue Farmer's Market.  We were BLESSED, and sold all that we brought to market.  A reminder, we will be at the Springfield Farmer's Market tomorrow, with some new breads in tow.  An Irish Soda Bread (GREAT with a stew---Irish stew, I suppose would be appropriate), and a new Garlic and Chive which we just fine-tuned last evening.  Great with Italian fare.

You'll kindly take note that I said WE.  That was intentional.  WE!  I have graduated from the official "Handler of Things That Are Heavy, Hot or Dangerous" to a full-fledged maker of the product.  (That's ME on the right hand side of the picture, receiving my diploma!) Yes, SIR!  And this is where the new tricks come into play!!  I now know how to mix up the batter, how long to allow it to "proof" (I have no real idea exactly what that means) then how to shape the loaf, and finally how not to burn it up in the oven!

Now, you may be saying to yourself (and be honest, you are) what a maroon!  ANYBODY can do that.  Grudgingly, I will grant you that point.  It is not on the order of a Robert Nelson Cerebral Pursuit.  But for ME, it's a big deal.

The kitchen is an area in which I have NO expertise.  None.  Only fear and loathing.  I was neither taught as a youth (or as my Dad would have said,  a yute) nor did I learn as an adult.  I'm so bad, and so inept that I still continue to make tithes and offerings giving thanks for the microwave oven!!

It is then with great pride then that I honestly state, many of the delights we'll be presenting tomorrow, started and ended with---ME!  So, if they taste great and look great, you're welcome!  

If not, those were the ones Teresa did.

Only kidding!!  KIDDING!!  Good Lord, it was a JOKE!.  Please visit Yaya's Artisan Breads booth at the Springfield Farmer's Market tomorrow from 8 a.m. till 1 p.m.

It was a joke...