Oh, c'mon now Bro's!  This is just a tad unacceptable.  In a new survey of 2,739 adult men, one out of SEVEN say they still have their MOM do their laundry.  And those are all guys who've moved OUT . . . they just bring their dirty laundry home for their mom to take care of.

How will you even be able to look that sainted woman in the eyes on Sunday?  MOTHER'S DAY for heaven sake!  Standing there with a load of your filthy laundry for her to do.  You should be ashamed, I tell you!  Ashamed.

So here's a great idea for Mother's Day. . . DON'T bring home two giant bags of dirty laundry for her to do.

And if it weren't bad enough, men, EVEN IN THIS FAIR CITY OF OURS, also found the top five ULTRA SIMPLE household chores that men say they can't do .

Step it up, guys.  Step it up.

1.  Clean the bathroom properly, 36%.

2.  Use a washing machine and dryer, 33%.

3.  Iron a shirt, 30%.

4.  Use the dishwasher, 26%.

5.  Cook a simple meal, 24%.

Think about it, guys.  How would you like to do your MOTHER'S dirty laundry?

I thought so.