This week, while Richard is off, I got the chance to make some new friends.   One is a little rascal named “Peck”, an all-black short haired cat.   Peck is about 9 months old, and lives at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan on Watkins Road.   But he’d like to find a new home.  Peck was a lovable little guy, and quite active.   He explored the studio in great detail, and loves attention.   If you’re looking for a cat who likes to play and likes people, you should meet him.

Jessica Gilbert of the Humane Society says Peck would probably be happiest in a home where he is the only cat, but she says he has lived around other cats with no problems.

If you’d like to adopt a pet, go and visit the Humane Society!   But keep in mind, that they don’t allow people to adopt pets to give as gifts.   They want families to come out and make the decision together at the shelter, at 2500 Watkins Road.  Call 963-1796.

The Humane Society will close at 4:00pm this Thursday, December 24. We will be closed Friday, December 25 for Christmas, but will be open normal business hours on Saturday, December 26 (11am - 4pm). We wish your family a very merry Christmas!