There are not too many motorists who seem to welcome the orange barrels during construction season, especially if they're stuck in traffic in a construction zone. But more of us would probably agree that construction zones are better than the alternative.

In Pennfield Township, road repairs are even more crucial, as some roads are in major need of repair. How to pay for all of it is the focus of a forum at 6PM Tuesday evening at the Pennfield HIgh School auditorium.

Pennfield Township Supervisor Rob Behnke tells WBCK he hopes township leaders will come away from the forum with a sense for how residents want to pay for repairs that are so badly needed. He said a millage of some type is likely, and the forum should give them an idea for which millage option is most popular with residents.

Spencer Platt - Getty Images

The problem apparently resonates with the motorists who live in Pennfield, if attendance at a previous forum is any indication. Behnke said more than 200 attended that session. Among the sentiments expressed then, Behnke said, was a perception that property taxes fund road repairs - which they do not.

Still, Behnke believes Pennfield residents understand the situation, and will work to choose an option that helps kick-start road repair funding. It's tough to contemplate what would happen if they didn't, as Behnke says some roads could revert back to gravel - and some of them are close to it now.

What thoughts do you have about local road conditions and repair?