This week, the governor of California signed into law a measure that bans plastic bags. It's meant to be a step toward a healthier environment, by attempting to keep them from cluttering up landfills for years to come - and taking a long time to degrade.

Here's the story from CNN:

Too bad they're so darned convenient for compiling trash and sending them off to said landfill. I use them all the time - for carrying things to work, as trash liners in the bathroom rubbish cans, to seal up kitchen refuse so it doesn't attract fruit flies in the trash, to compile the cat box deposits for easy removal - oh, and yes, to bring home the groceries.

Good thing we don't live in California, I suppose. On the other hand, maybe it would be a good thing for Mother Earth if all states banned them. And that's probably where we're headed anyway. Now I just have to remember to put those reusable shopping bags in the back of the car. Where are they, anyway?!