The 2014 baseball season has begun for the Battle Creek Bombers!

We loaded up and took in (up till the third inning) last night's season opener with the Kalamazoo Growlers.  And as is always the case, we had, even during a brief visit, a great time.

I love baseball.  Always have.  Never much of a player.  But that's beside the point.  Everything about the game is attractive to me.

Some may remember that I did the P.A. at the ball park for some years.  The gig didn't pay much, but I got to see a whole lot of baseball over the years.  I saw Torii Hunter play.  Prince Fielder play.  John Buck.  Johan Santana and many more who's names escape me at the moment.   It has made for some good memories.

Teresa likes baseball, and our granddaughter Zyvah is just bull-moose looney for the Bomber's mascot, Moe Skeeter.  Maybe it's the giant head.  I don't know.  But she gets all giddy at the mere sight of him. So for that reason alone,  I think we'll probably take in a lot of games this year.  (It's the same reason we eat at Steak and Shake a lot.  She has a TERRIBLE crush on Don, one of their servers.  Five years old and a crush!  Sheesh)

I hope the addition of a "cross-county" rival in Kalamazoo will really heighten interest in the team this season.  I had the chance to interview new Bomber's Manager, Dan Trivett  recently, and he's very excited about this year's team.  Makes special note of the character of the young men coming to town this year.   And he, himself is a very nice chap.

All of this to say, a Bombers baseball game is a wonderful way to spend an evening or afternoon.  It's close, it's relatively inexpensive.  And it support the home team.  Go Bombers.  Beat Kazoo!