Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton tells WBCK a collaboration is underway among law enforcement agencies in an attempt to find the person or persons responsible for apparent shootings on highways and roadways in Calhoun and Eaton Counties over the last several weeks.

Appearing on The Richard Piet Show Monday, Saxton said a number of agencies are collaborating with his department and others, including the FBI, to find the people responsible.

Saxton said only some of the reported incidents can be confirmed as incidents in which a firearm was discharged resulting in broken windows or other damage to vehicles. In other cases, he said, motorists cleaned up the damage and had repairs made, making it difficult to investigate. The sheriff recommends reporting any such incident as soon as possible via 9-1-1, and do not clean up or remove damage or evidence until investigators have been able to view it.

Hear other recommendations and the sheriff's perspective on the investigation by clicking the video below.

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