$261 million dollars might not buy an island in the Caribbean, but it would certainly take the sting out of a Michigan winter.

I can tell you one thing: If I win, I won’t be seeing any of February in Michigan!

Photo by Scott Olsen, Getty Images

In the past year, Wednesday’s $261 million jackpot is the second-largest Powerball jackpot, according to milotteryconnect.com. (The cash option for Wednesday’s jackpot is about $179 million.)

If a Michigan player takes home Wednesday’s $261 million jackpot, it would be the second-largest Powerball prize won in the state, milotteryconnect.com said. On Aug. 15, 2012, Donald Lawson, of Lapeer, won a $337 million Powerball jackpot, which is the record for the largest Lottery prize ever won in Michigan.

Four Michigan players won the game’s $1 million prize in 2014, including three winners in a four-day span in February, milotteryconnect.com reported.

You have until tonight at 9:45 p.m. to plunk down a couple of bucks and get your Powerball ticket.