Dads Do $24,103 Worth of Stuff Around the House a Year.

This is not a headline to any dad out there.  We do stuff.  Good stuff.  And if we were compensated for that work, it would come to $24,103 worth of work.  That includes everything from being a plumber and handyman to being an accountant and tutor.

Sometimes, when project looms, I wish I could just call my "guy" and have him do it.  But, I don't have a "guy", so I wind up doing most, if not all, of my own work.  Can I do stuff?  Yeah.  Does it save our family money?  Yeah.

As a matter of fact, dads do a TON of free labor around the house, and save their families tens of thousands of dollars a year.  Translation:  Don't just buy him three packs of M&M's at the gas station this Sunday on the way to a Father's Day lunch. just released the results of their annual report on the value of all the stuff dads do around the house.  And they found that in 2014, the average dad does $24,103 worth of work.

That's based on his work as an accountant, plumber, tutor, coach, handyman, car mechanic, builder, pest control worker, taxi driver, laborer, cook, and groundskeeper . . . and what you'd have to pay all of those people to do what dad does for free.

That value is up 3% from last year, and up 19% from 2012.

So, hold the M&M's.  Besides, I can't eat chocolate.