Today is National Whiners' Day.  But it’s not exactly what you might think.

This is  the day so designated by--well somebody, that actually encourages people to be grateful for what they already have.  To wit; you say you didn’t lose your power this week?  You should be VERY grateful for that.

You say your power was restored earlier than you thought it may have been?  You need to be grateful for that. 

(And you REALLY need to be grateful for all the utility workers who did 24/7 duty, and most probably DID work on Christmas.) 

The organizers of National Whiners’ Day tell us if you didn't like the gifts you got, your job, your family, your friends, or your lot in life, whine about it today - and get over it.

Okay then.  Message received.  Here it goes; I have a cold.   

So there.  I did it.  And at this moment I am reminded of the words of my sainted father when he said, nobody likes a whiner.  Actually,  what he said was, you’s shut up dat whining or I’ll give you’s something to whine about!  Same thought, different words. 

But it is true.  Nobody likes a whiner.  In fact, my wife has said that to me; often.  My boss has said that to me.  The hostess at the Olive Garden said that to me one time.  (But I really DID want more breadsticks)

So do us all a favor and set aside some time today, and get all that whining out of your system.  And let’s see if we can have a whine-free 2014.  

Can I have some more breadsticks now?  PPLLEEAASSEE!?!