Ah, Radio Shack. The latest in a group of stand-bys in my life that will soon be gone. Funny how it works as you age - things go away! Things that were woven into the fabric of our upbringings that we presumed would always be there. I guess that's called taking them "for granted."

So, it's a done deal, apparently. Radio Shack is filing bankruptcy and will close its stores - including the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo stores, going the way of Bill Knapp's and Oldsmobile.

Photo courtesy Tim Boyle-Getty Images and BillKnapps.com

Recently, I was looking for a new set of headphones. These days with the advent of MP3 players, I found it difficult to find exactly the headphones I wanted (most of them are earbuds - and I prefer the over-the-head style). It occurred to me - I needed to go to Radio Shack! Soon, I won't be able to, and I'll be longing for those over-the-ear headphones like I crave Bill Knapp's chocolate cake and a Cutlass Supreme.

Oh well. That's progress.

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