I must be easily amused, because these sorts of thing truly tickle me.

You'll hear me say this quite often because I believe it's true.  That these Random Facts I share are the kind of thing that make ANY conversation more enjoyable.  They lighten up even the heaviest of topics.  They break ice.  They're not BRAINIAC stuff, so no one needs to be intimidated by your great knowledge.  But at the same time, it is knowledge that ISN'T widely known, and it's unique nature alone makes it, and you by extension, more interesting.   Throw one of these out in polite company, and instantly, you are the proverbial life of the party.

With that as an introduction, allow me to present Random Facts for Tuesday!

1.  The "Gangnam Style" video on YouTube is at more than 2 billion views, which means human beings have spent 140 million total hours watching it.  That's 16,000 YEARS.  (Oh, good Lord!  WE NEED TO GET A LIFE!!)

2.  The reason doctors wear blue or green scrubs is because those are on the opposite side of the color wheel from red and pink . . . which makes those colors clearer during surgery.  (THAT one is a KEEPER!)

3.  Disney World and Disneyland employees who dress up as characters and walk around the parks have to go through special training to learn how to do their character's correct autograph.  (Frankly, I didn't know that Mickey et al had a signature, per se.)

4.  "Eyes Wide Shut" has the record for the most consecutive days of filming without a day off, at 400 days straight.  At one point,Stanley Kubrick made Tom Cruise do 97 takes of him just walking through a door.  (Good for Stan.  I don't care for Tom Cruise.)

5.  The only two states where it's totally legal to shoot porn are California and New Hampshire.  Other states like Nevada and Florida might temporarily look the other way, but they could crack down on your shoot at any point.  (And THAT would truly ruin the "moment".)

AND NOW for your entertainment pleasure, the story of:

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