Dub me, "King of the Oversell", but I got to get you to read this one way or another.

I'll just bet you were not aware that;

1.  20% of people who work from home work in their pajamas . . . and 2% work naked.

2.  Seven of the past 10 schools that won the NCAA basketball championship have been from the smaller city.  UConn is in Storrs, Connecticut, which has a population of 14,031.  The University of Kentucky is in Lexington, which has a population of 305,489.  Which means UConn should win tonight!

3.  You can send a coconut, a potato, a sombrero, a brick, an inflated beach ball, a Frisbee, or a pillow through the U.S. postal service WITHOUT a box . . . you just have to put enough postage on it and an address label.

4.  If you buy ketchup that's labeled "fancy," that legally means it's THICKER than other ketchup.

5.  On the surface, it looks like the MTV show "16 and Pregnant" glorifies teen pregnancy, because it makes pregnant teenagers famous . . . but it's actually been linked to a 5.7% DROP in teen pregnancies.

On tomorrow's post, pictures of your humble writer...shirtless.  You have been warned.  Perhaps you should look at a cat video.  Or maybe one of these!

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