The Detroit Red Wings are schedule for one outdoor game this season which will be Saturday, February 27th In Denver.  According to Detroit Free Press, the Wings are the possible opponent for the Toronto Maple Leafs for the 2017 Winter Classic.

The NHL Winter Classic is played outdoors on New Years Day.   The Wings and the Leafs last played in the classic in 2014.  That game played at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, set an NHL Attendance record.

This next game is expected to be outdoors in Toronto.    I originally liked the idea for the Winter Classic game.  When it was originally started it was the one outdoor game a year.  The last few years the NHL has started the Stadium Series with multiple outdoor games each season.

Those games have sort of taken the excitement out of the Winter Classic for me. I am a Red Wings fan and will watch the game, if it ends up being the match up, but the excitement of it being outdoors just isn't the same.