My dad is 83, and we're going to the game after the show on Thursday to see the Tigers and White Sox, the same two teams our whole family saw on August 3rd, 1966.  What a game it was!  I love to tell the story.  Check out the video.

A few years ago, the hero of that game, Jim Northrup, came to Battle Creek to play in the CIR Charity Softball game.  You could tell Jim's knees were really hurting him, and that he'd probably have been happy to be doing anything else but running the bases.   I had a chance to chat with him on the bench, and I told him about this game and what it meant to me.  He really seemed to appreciate it.  It had to be one of many great moments he had in a fine career.  He didn't run any faster but seemed lighter on his feet.

I'm so lucky to work at a job where we bring people Tiger Baseball night after night, building new great memories and recalling old ones.

What do you remember about your first Tiger game?