A two-year-old German Shepherd is now battling for his life, after placing himself between a young girl and a rattlesnake, which was in her backyard.

According to the Associated Press, Molly DeLuca, 7-years-old, of Tampa, Florida, was playing in her backyard when she came upon a venomous rattlesnake. Her dog, Haus, immediately leaped between the child and the snake, taking several bites in his leg as he continued to jump forward and back, towards the rattler.

Molly’s mother, being alerted by the child’s screams, rushed Haus to the Vet, where he is now in critical condition and on an IV drip of anti-venom.

The DeLuca family had adopted Haus, two months ago, from a rescue shelter and he soon became a close companion of Molly.

A Go Fund Me page has been set-up to pay for the vet bills as he remains in intensive care.