As we roll into August, it's probably no surprise that temperatures are starting to dip.

But don't put away your shorts yet — there's still some summer left to enjoy. And with these cooler temps, you may just enjoy it more than those many 90-degree days in July.

"Generally, we’re thinking it’ll be a bit cooler than average," said Nathan Jeruzal, a meteorologist with NOAA National Weather Service in Grand Rapids. "That's not to say we won’t warm up at times at this point in summer, but we'll start see cooler air masses coming in."

Right now, Jeruzal said we're feeling the "tiniest hint of fall coming in," but we still have some warm days ahead.

"Overall, we’ll probably see more cooler days than warmer," Jeruzal said. "We’ll see 70s more often than 90s."

Douglas Beach Park in Douglas is a peaceful place to take in Michigan summers. (Kayla Kiley/Townsquare Media)