It's been another great Richard's Ride year in 2016, showing you newer models from Lakeview Ford - along with some of the great features now available in them. It really is amazing how technology is advancing!

In fact, we recently spoke with some of the "cold weather team" at Ford Motor Company. They are working on new features that help us in cold weather - like new technology that keeps ice from freezing on wiper blades in the winter (hooray!).

Also this year, we took some time to introduce you to several of the folks you have or will meet at Lakeview Ford Lincoln. They are great professionals who are real "car people" who talk about what inspires them about cars.

Thanks to Lakeview Ford for making Richard's Ride possible, and thank you, too, for following our series!

Here are my top 5 favorite Richard's Rides of 2016:

5. 2017 All-New Super Duty

I remember when trucks were just trucks. Know what I mean? They were workhorses and they were not necessarily made to be comfortable. These days, a work truck can have plenty of heft for the job, along with plenty of luxury for the worker. That's the case with Ford's latest Super Duty, which we showed you in 2016.

4. Mustang GT

Ford introduced an all-new Mustang in late 2015, to great acclaim. In early 2016, we took one for a ride. I have always loved the sound of a Mustang - especially a GT - and it's truly unique. Turns out, Ford engineers work hard on just the sound alone - to say nothing of the rest of the car! Here's our ride:

3. Richard's Ride Extra: Calhoun County Sheriff's Tribute Patrol Car

You have probably seen in tooling around the county - or in one of the area parades - a special tribute patrol car driven by the Calhoun County Sheriff. We took a ride in the vintage 1964 Chrysler 300K which, it turns out, has a history in Calhoun County and lives on as a community outreach beacon between the department and local residents. Check it out:

2. 2017 Ford Fusion with Pothole Sensing Technology

When it comes to practical technology in cars, I'm a big fan: Connectivity, heated seats, heated steering wheels, remote starts. Now, Ford has developed technology that allows its 2017 Fusion sedan to sense a pothole in the road and compensate for it. Yes! The car actually - in a split second - sense a pothole and keep the tire from slamming into it - and rattling your brain! The 2017 Fusion is available to test drive now at Lakeview Ford Lincoln in downtown Battle Creek. Check out Ford's video:

1. F-150 with Pro Trailer Assist Technology

Speaking of cool technology...if you are like me, you drive a car, crossover or SUV a lot of the time, and you don't have much call to pull a trailer. So, when the time comes, you could use some assistance. Heck, even some seasoned vets and trailer experts could use a boost like this! Ford's Pro-Trailer Assist technology actually steers a trailer into a space - in reverse - while you control the pedals. Check it out:

Thanks for viewing our series this year. We'll start in January 2017 with more Richard's Rides!

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