I had to laugh recently as I spoke with a friend - she's actually the mother of a good friend I've known since the first grade. She's on her second Lincoln MKX now. She's seen our Richard's Ride videos and said "When are you going to drive a Lincoln MKX?!"

Well, Mom Barbara, here it is!

Our Richard's Ride for December is the newly restyled 2016 Lincoln MKX, a handsome full sized luxury crossover based on the Ford Edge platform.

"We retired ladies LOVE Lincolns," Mom Barbara said, in her not-so-subtle pitch for the car.

Turns out, they're not the only ones.

I was at Lakeview Ford Lincoln recently, and who rolled up in a brand new MKX - like the one you see above and in the video below - but Lakeview proprietor Vince Pavone.

"This is the best car I've ever driven," he said emphatically. That's pretty high praise from a guy who has access to a lot of new cars.

It appears the praise is well deserved. The MKX is completely restyled for 2016, employing the luxury marque's new, more refined styling cues. The MKX is based on the Edge platform, but shares none of its sheet metal with its Ford cousin. Overall reviews have been very positive.

Check out the all-new MKX by clicking the video below - and at Lakeview Ford Lincoln, Dickman at Washington in downtown Battle Creek.

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