We love our cars. And we love our phones. It seems we've come to the point that if those two can't work together, we're going to have a problem.

Ford Motor Company's latest version of Sync - the technology performing that marriage in Ford cars - is debuting, and it's the most user-friendly so far. "Sync 3" capitalizes on our vast prowess at navigating app icons on our phones by creating an icon-based system on its touch screen. Touch, swipe; touch, swipe. That's it. Simple.

One of the first vehicles at Lakeview Ford Lincoln in downtown Battle Creek to come with Sync 3 is the 2017 Ford Escape crossover. The newest Escape features freshened styling as well, emulating its big brother, the Edge.

2017 Ford Escape. TSM/WBCK
2017 Ford Escape. TSM/WBCK

Check out a quick demonstration of the new Sync 3 by clicking the video below - then check it out for yourself at Lakeview Ford Lincoln, Dickman at Washington in downtown Battle Creek!

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