You have probably seen it in many a parade in Calhoun County. In fact, you may have even helped push it in the 2016 Marshall Christmas Parade: A 1964 Chrysler 300K tribute squad car (more on the pushing thing in a moment).

The car might have had you wondering where it came from - and its backstory.


Richard's Ride visited with Sheriff Matt Saxton recently to learn about the car - and go for a ride. The car was donated several years ago to the Sheriff's Department by the late Milt Jenks of Marshall. Since then, it has served as a public relations piece and conversation starter for the department.

Saxton told us the Jenks family continues to be proud to see the car in parades and other functions.


Oh, about that push at the Marshall Christmas Parade - Sheriff Saxton tells us an electrical problem quieted the ole 300 - and several parade watchers sprang into action and pushed the car out of the procession.

No such problems on our sunny-but-windy ride in the car, which still has a functioning siren.

By the way, Saxton said no county money goes toward repairs on the car. In fact, Wills Auto Service of Battle Creek performs much of the repairs and upkeep at no cost.

A little research reveals the 300K coupe is one of about 3000 made by Chrysler in 1964; a few hundred of them were convertibles. Like many of them, this special car has the Chrysler 413 "Wedge" V8 engine with a 4-barrel carburetor that musters about 360 horsepower.

Click the player below to hear her run and hear Sheriff Saxton talk about the vehicle's history.