If the car buying experience is intimidating to you, you might be wishing you had a friend in the business. Someone whom you trust that you can turn to for help navigating the process.

It turns out Mike Barr, who joined Lakeview Ford Lincoln in the summer of 2016 as new car sales manager, is just the guy to know. His 18-year experience in the car business in Battle Creek means he's gained a lot of knowledge.

In this Richard's Ride Extra, we asked him how the business has changed over the years, and what he thinks folks should know before they embark on a new car purchase. He also talks about what is hot in the Ford lineup right now.


Oh, and there was this special Mustang story that made the car one of Mike's favorites of all time.


We'll hear that story - while riding in a 5.0 GT, of course! Mike personally oversees every new car deal at Lakeview Ford Lincoln and will help answer your questions and make the process as seamless as possible. Click the video below!

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