Remember the Big Wheel? It was a low-riding tricycle with a big front wheel with pedals and handlebars, mostly made of plastic. I had one growing up; I also had a toy tractor - non-motorized - which I used to pretend was a car when I was growing up (yep, the Richard's Ride thing goes back a ways).

It seems the minute I grew out of such toys, they came up with motorized toys inspired by real cars. What was it? The Barbie Jeep? A mini-Cadillac Escalade? Bummer. I would've loved my own Caddy at age 5-6!

These days, cars are much more sophisticated - and so are toy cars. The Fisher-Price motorized Ford Mustang convertible is based on the original, according to Ford's Mark Bentley, a licensing manager.

The toy car - based on the real Mustang GT convertible - even has varying speed settings and a touch-screen stereo. Yes, the TOY car.

How much, you ask? Bentley tells WBCK it should retail at about $360-370 each. Turns out, this latest one - to be available this week for purchase - is the third Ford and Fisher-Price have collaborated on the toy car. The newest, pictured above, should arrive at retailers late this week, Bentley said.

I'd be jealous, except I'm old enough to drive the real thing.

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