After 10 years at WBCK, Robert Nelson has left the building, and this week he'll also leave his home town of Battle Creek.  The announcement was made on Monday on the WBCK Morning Show with Richard Piet.

Robert has worked for WBCK and it's sister stations for 10 years, starting out as a part-time board operator during ball games.   He has anchored the morning news for most of the past five years, and has been a steady and dependable member of our team.


Last Spring, Robert applied for a teaching position in South Korea.   Last week he was offered a job there.   He'll be on a plane bound for Asia in a few days.

Robert has not only been a contributer on the air, but his computer skill has saved our butts on several occasions when we had major  issues.  Not only here at the radio station, but a lot of its former employees have had their home computers resurrected from the scrap heap by Robert's willingness to perform his magic.

Thanks Robert, for everything, and good luck on your new adventure.  We'll miss you.