Actually, the intent is NOT to go round-and-round, but around only as many times as needed (hopefully only once-per-use). New roundabouts are done and open at Sprinkle Road and I-94 on Kalamazoo's east side.

The Michigan Department of Transportation stands behind the notion roundabouts minimize crashes and make traffic flow easier. Of course, for some, they take some getting used to.

Once you do, though, they are fairly easy to use: Approach, yield to oncoming traffic, proceed, stay to the right, exit when you reach your preferred exit.

Courtesy MDOT

MDOT issued a press release Wednesday with the details, saying "The $15.5 million investment at I-94 and Sprinkle Road began in March and includes a new Sprinkle Road bridge over I-94, as well as two roundabouts. The roundabout at the north end of the bridge is the intersection of Sprinkle Road, Cork Street, and the westbound I-94 ramp to Sprinkle Road. The south roundabout is located at the intersection of Sprinkle Road, the eastbound I-94 ramp to Sprinkle Road, and northbound Sprinkle Road ramp to eastbound I-94."

Courtesy MDOT

MDOT says the opening was able to be finalized Wednesday.

"Contractors worked over the weekend and through the night to finish paving, pavement markings and sign installation to accommodate today's reopening," according to the release.

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