We've come to that time of the year.

When every media outlet in the world presents their own rundown of celebrity deaths in 2013.  We’re kind of fascinated with this stuff.  So, in an effort to be somewhat ahead of the curve, I should like to present my brief summary.

No, I won’t do the whole year's list at once.  Rather, I’ll take a few days to highlight everyone.

Is it creepy or inappropriate to say “enjoy”?

January 1st . . . Singer Patti Page passed away at age 85.  Her biggest hit was "(How Much is that) Doggie in the Window?"

 January 7th . . . Huell Howser died of prostate cancer at 67.  Huell spent two decades hosting PBS shows about California, but he was actually from Tennessee.

January 14th . . . Conrad Bain died of natural causes at 89.  He played the dad on "Diff'rent Strokes", and your grandparents probably also remember him as Bea Arthur's neighbor on "Maude".

January 16th . . . Original "Dear Abby" writer Pauline Phillips died at age 94.  Her daughter Jeanne took over as Abby back in 2002 when Pauline got Alzheimer's.

January 19th . . . "Stan the Man" Musial died of natural causes at 92.  He was one of baseball's best hitters EVER and played for the Cardinals from 1941 to 1963.

January 30th . . . Patty Andrews, the last surviving member of the Andrews Sisters  made it to 94.

February 1st . . . Former New York mayor Edward Koch died of heart failure.  He was 88.  He served three terms as mayor, from 1978 to 1989.

February 11th . . . Mark Balelo from "Storage Wars" committed suicide a few days after a drug arrest.  He died of carbon monoxide poisoning and was found with his motor running inside his garage.  He's the guy they called Rico Suave, who once helped Nicolas Cage recover a stolen Superman comic worth a million dollars.

February 17th . . . Country singer Mindy McCready shot herself on the porch of her home.  She was only 37 and orphaned two little boys with her final act.

We'll do more tomorrow.