Researchers in Japan recently spent FOUR MONTHS figuring out the ideal way to hold a HAMBURGER.

The motivation behind this groundbreaking research is so none of the toppings spill out when you eat it.  You shall ever be spared the humiliation of a splotch of mustard and tomato on your clean white shirt.

As an American, you've probably experienced this:  You're holding a burger the size of your head, take a bite, and half the toppings fall out the back onto your plate . . . or your lap.

The good news is, that never has to happen again . . . science has you covered.  A TV show in Japan recently had three experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry figure out how to prevent it from happening.

They did a 3D scan of a burger, and allegedly spent FOUR MONTHS figuring it out.  And it comes down to the way you HOLD it.

It turns out that if you hold a burger like most people . . . with all of your fingers on the top and just your thumbs on the bottom . . . there isn't an even distribution of pressure.

So instead, you should hold it so the sides of your thumbs and your PINKY FINGERS are on the bottom.  And the rest of your fingers should be fanned across the top bun.

You can check out a diagram online that shows how to do it.  Just Google 'The Perfect Way to Hold a Hamburger, Proven by Science.'

They also stressed that you shouldn't hold it too TIGHT.  And ideally, you should warm up the muscles in your jaw by opening and closing your mouth a few times before your first bite.

And, your welcome!