Charisma is NOT something I was born with.Lucky for me (but certainly NOT for YOU, charming devil) , I can actually MAKE myself charming.  Charming 101 has now begun.

1.  Make a lot of gestures.  People apparently respond to really animated people.  But don't act like a clown.  (When I did this in school as a kid, my parents got a call telling them that I had the "fits.")

2.  Have a contagious laugh.  A good laugh makes everyone around you want to join in.  But a bad laugh can be the death knell.  Don't be the person with the irritating cackle that you can hear a mile away.  (Just imagine that person in your life who DOES have that annoying laugh.  Then, don't do that.)

3.  Be touchy.  In the good way.  Charming people have a light touch and it makes people feel comfortable to get a pat on the shoulder or a tap on the arm.  Just don't be a GROPER.  (Staying OFF the Sex Offender List will A-L-W-A-Y-S be a good idea!)

4.  Use eye contact.  And have a nice, open expression.  You don't want to go for a hard, cold poker face.  (It's always good to stop short of the uncomfortable oogle.  People get creeped out.  And remember guys, HER EYES are up THERE.)

5.  Be outgoing with strangers.  People, especially shy ones, appreciate someone who is easygoing and open.  Just don't be awkward and overdo the friendliness. (Don't get SO outgoing as to show your new acquaintance the tattoo around your navel.)

6.  Get good at MIMING.  That may sound crazy, but stories are better if you act them out with body language.  It helps people relate to you and visualize what you're saying.  Again, be cool about it . . . don't wave you're arms around like a freak. (See #1.)

7.  Have an awesome voice.  Good voices are expressive and powerful.  They change pitch, tone, and volume with ease.  (Hasn't done a darn thing for me.  People still want me to just shut up)