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Wiggly Tail Wednesday: Rolleye
Rolleye was pretty afraid for a couple of minutes when he saw the inside of the radio station, but that didn't last too long.  He gets nervous in new situations, but what a nice and beautiful dog!   Maybe he could move in with you?
Wiggly Tail Wednesday: Meet “Jeep”
We're meeting "Jeep" on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show.   He's a very sweet chocolate lab mix, and is about 5 months old.   He's about 40 pounds and won't get as big as most chocolate labs, which can get to around 80 pounds.   He's…
Calhoun County 2018 Election Results
Here are the unofficial results for the 2018 gubernatorial election, updated as they come in through election night. Races in which Calhoun County is only a part of the district will feature total results first, followed by Calhoun County results...