The Pontiac Silverdome is coming down next year, leaving us with nothing but memories. Most of those memories were of Detroit Lions' losses, but Billy Sims and Barry Sanders made some of them interesting.  My wife's memory is being dragged there with her dad and two brothers to watch Monster Truck racing, and nearly being gassed to death!

Owners of the former home of the Detroit Lions hope the demolition will make the 127-acre site in suburban Detroit more attractive to developers. The stadium's roof is gone and the stadium has deteriorated due to weather.

The Silverdome opened in 1975, north of Detroit. The Lions played there until 2002. It seated a little over 80 thousand.  The Detroit Pistons spent a decade in the stadium. Other events included rock concerts, including the Rolling Stones, the Michael Jackson Victory Tour in '84, wrestling, soccer and a Mass in 1987 by Pope John Paul II.

For the last 20 years, about the only thing going on at the old stadium was soccer.

Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images

What's your Silverdome memory?