Got a number of great comments and feedback from yesterday's post.

I posted the Ten Smells That Transport Us Back To Childhood.  AND I got a number of great additions to the list.

Marilynn Hill Miles A new box of crayons.

Art Frith Don't forget Uncle Lou's "smells".  (We try not to THINK of his "smells.")

Laurie Stevens I remember going to open swim at Lakeview high school and the smell of the pool. Strange what we remember.

Karin Zaleski Mothballs. The smell of the loft in our family cabin in Mancelona.

These are ALL great additions.  Thanks for writing!  If you think of some we missed, visit the WBCK-FM website and share your comments.

And now, for something COMPLETELY different for your entertainment (and time wasting) pleasure.

Motorcyclist Just Misses Crashing into a Horse on the Road


BLURB: Just one of the pitfalls of motorcycling through Amish country.