It's probably because I'm pooped, but I'm feeling as though I could become VERY easily agitated today.Now, the well-centered amongst us would respond, well, with that knowledge, Roy, you should be able to control your emotions and avoid any behaviors that would cause you embarrassment or grief later.

And they're right.  And I'll try.

Truth is,  when I feel like this, it isn't the huge life issues that frost me.  It tends to be the little annoyances.  Such as, you ask?

1.  Grocery store self-checkouts.  They just don't work and you always end up needing that one employee monitoring them to come help you.  (This may be number one on my list every day of the week.  And in a world where Murphy's Law prevails, the number of problems you will have with the self serve lane are equal to the number of people waiting in line behind you, who wish to kill you.)

2.  People clipping their nails in public.  (Because you just KNOW, one of their filthy projectiles will inevitably take a trajectory toward you.  Either your mouth or eye for sure.)

3.  Two trucks driving next to each other on a two-lane highway at the same speed. (Avoid I-94 at all costs, I always say.  Always learn "The Back Way.")

4.  People holding their phones in front of them and talking to someone on speaker in public . . . then looking annoyed if you seem to be "eavesdropping."  (Should you EVER see ME doing that in public, you have my permission to snatch the phone from my hand, hurl it to the floor, and smash it with your foot, all the while making fun of the way I'm dressed.)

5.  Emailing someone with a question . . . and them calling you to answer it. (Pro Tip:  I probably sent you an e-mail, BECAUSE I'M NOT IN A POSITION TO CALL YOU.)

6.  Headphones magically tangling themselves every time you put them in a bag.  (Every single morning at 5:30 a.m., I untie a headphone cord knot that would make any Boy Scout or sailor envious.  And if I TRIED, I couldn't tie a knot to save my life.)

I could go on, but this type of whining probably isn't sexy is it?.  And we must always strive to be sexy.  Instead, I'll leave you with this, and ask the musical question, do these people have way too many big dogs?

Dog Jumps from Couch to Couch, Gaining Some Serious Air