New food items on a wider scale have become a big thing at ball parks all across the country. The Battle Creek Bombers have a new item for this season, the third straight year with a new creation.

The Northwoods League squad will begin the 2015 season on May 26th and will give you a chance to dive in to their next taste from their lab (or offices, whichever you prefer). This year's creation is the "Poptarko", which encompasses Battle Creek and Michigan products in its purest form.

Poptarko starts with a soft-shell tortilla that has Michigan-made maple syrup and cheese spread across it. Wrap the tortilla around a hard taco shell and fill it with barbeque pulled pork, with the pork raised in-state.

The Battle Creek touch brings a brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart broken in half to support the massive pulled pork inside the taco. Pizazz the Poptarko with broken Pop Tart, maple syrup or bacon for added toppings.

The Poptarko joins the other famous creations at C.O. Brown Stadium, with the Twinkie Dog (my son Austin's favorite) and the L'eggo My Eggo Burger.

I'm planning on taking the plunge in the near future. As a baseball and strange food junkie, I can't wait to try it!