So, it's the final hour before Thursday's NCAA games and you have yet to decide which 16th seed will eliminate the top seed. Your favorite college has the best chance in years to win the National Title. Better yet, you're alma mater shows up to the Dance for the first time in decades. Whatever you're philosophy has been for the many years that you've filled out a bracket, there are many ways you determine to complete the several lines and squares that has become a staple to this week in March.

Like many years, you don't have a clue, even when you have money on the line. Maybe the Saturday before the final Sunday of the regular season was the first college basketball you've seen all year. Here are a few tips that could help you with you're bracket before "High Noon" on Thursday...

Give It To The Dogs, Cats, Or Any Animal
For those that are committed to the family pet, you could always supplement your bracket with the colleges that have mascots dealing with animals. I'm even in a bracket that is dedicated to dogs! Of course, the Final Four all have dog mascots and you're National Champion could be the Connecticut Huskies. If you're a Michigan Wolverine fan, don't get hurt if the Wofford Terriers become this year's upset sensation.

Ooh, Their Colors Are Nice!
You could always go the old faithful trip of my mother, who is more of a visual person than knowledge for sports. From the person that says, "Is this being played in California" in mid-December between the Packers and Lions at Lambeau, comes the "I like their jerseys" comment. This theory does work - ie: 2001 with Duke - but that was when I still was hoping to head to Wisconsin for college and hoping the Badgers would be a force to be reckoned with. Thankfully they are. If you are color-bound to the bracket this year, I would suggest Syracuse (Orange), Creighton (Blue Jays), Baylor (Bears, but their unis are sharp!), Harvard (Crimson), Tulsa (Golden Hurricane), Delaware (Blue Hens). An honorable mention to Coastal Carolina, because the teal and gold for the Chanticleers is pretty snazzy!

Be A Homer For Once
You almost always see Michigan State and Michigan in the tourney, and sometimes the occasional sight of Oakland University and University of Detroit. Unfortunately, it's been years for Central and Eastern Michigan sightings. For the first time in a decade, the Western Michigan Broncos are in, and they could cause a stir. Maybe they could be this year's Cinderella.

Just Be "One" With Your Bracket
If you are in dire straights, just pick the top seeds all the way through. It hasn't worked since 2008 though.

I would give you the way that I pick them, but sports is life for me and the over-analysis could be too much to handle. On that note, good luck and hope these tips work!