With its sights firmly set on first place next year, the WBCK team placed second out of five media teams in the annual Supermarket Sweep to benefit the Food Bank of South Central Michigan. The competition was held Thursday morning at the Family Fare supermarket on Columbia Avenue.

The goal of the competition is to load as many specially designated food items as possible into a shopping cart in a five-minute time frame. Each member of the team - three members total - must keep one hand on the shopping cart at all times while each team races the aisles and grabs the items. All the while, teams are working to finish first while squeaking by each other in the aisles.

The winner is the team which gathers the correct items totaling the highest dollar amount. This year's first place winner was Scene Magazine, followed by WBCK in second place. WBCK loaded a total of $144.44 in groceries to benefit the food bank.

WBCK's Nate Adams has participated in the event for 16 years, saying WBCK has placed second three times in the last five years.

Now, on to next year!