It's a dog-eat-dog world, baby.  And we need every single advantage we can get to stay on top!  Eye of the Tiger!

Okay.  Maybe that's a bit overly dramatic?  Tad heavy, eh' what?  Be that as it may, it sure wouldn't hurt to have a bit of an edge now, would it?  In business or in personal relationships.   I shared these on the Morning Show today, and actually thought at least a couple of them were good to know. Consider yourselves armed for battle!  Girded at the loins, as it were.

1.  If you're in a meeting and you think someone might go after you or attack you about something, sit right next to them.  Without the group buffer, they'll either back off . . . or at least be a lot less critical.

2.  Once you make a sales pitch, ask someone out, ask for a favor, or whatever . . . don't say ANYTHING else after.  Make the other person respond completely.  It forces them to just keep talking . . . and eventually say yes to end the awkwardness.

3.  When you first meet someone, figure out their eye color.  That forces you to look into their eyes a little longer and a little more intently . . . and that makes the introduction STRONGER and more memorable.

4.  If you want someone to do you a big favor, ask for a much smaller favor first.  They're way more likely to do the big thing for you once they've done the small thing because their brain is in the right mode to help you out.

5.  Chew gum before you do something that scares you, like speaking in public or bungee jumping.  Your brain is wired to think, "If I'm eating, I'm not in danger" . . . so chewing can calm you down.

All right.  Pop a piece of gum in your mouth, get calmed down, and watch this.

Daredevil Crosses 170-Foot-High Aqueduct on Unicycle, Falls Midway