A man who was shot by a deputy during a confrontation yesterday afternoon has now been identified.

50-year-old Derrick Shirk is recovering in the hospital after he was struck twice in the chest by a Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputy Wednesday afternoon.  The deputy had spotted a pickup on Avenue A, that matched the description of a getaway vehicle involved in a Citgo robbery on Sunday.

That robbery took place around 9am Sunday in the 2400 block of West Michigan, where a male suspect entered the gas station, pulled out a firearm and demanded cash.

The deputy followed the truck to a home on North 30th Street in Springfield, before attempting to take Shirk into custody.  Shirk allegedly entered the garage and came back with what appeared to be a handgun and pointed it at the deputy.

After repeated warnings to stand down, the deputy fired at Shirk and hit him in the chest.  It was discovered after the shooting that the “weapon” was an airsoft pistol with the orange tip removed.

Authorities say that Shirk was a parole absconder, and had a long criminal history.  He is expected to recover.