Great News for Detroit
Let us start the new year off with some great news.
The Detroit News is reporting that in 2017 Detroit had the fewest homicides in 51 years. In 1966 Detroit had 214 homicides, in 2017 Detroit had 267 homicides, the least since 1966.
With all the bad news Detroit has had it is great to start off 2018 w…
Really Detroit #2 in the World
Now I always look for good news when it comes to Michigan or places in Michigan but this one is hard to understand.
Not that I do not want it to be true but it is a bit hard to, well let’s just say fully understand.
According to the travel media company Lonely Planet just called Detroi…
Detroit Loves Their Pizza
I love pizza, in fact it may be my favorite food. Now we find out that our fellow Michiganders in Detroit also loves their pizza, in fact they really love their pizza.
Detroit Girl Drowns In Battle Creek Hotel Pool
A Detroit teenager is dead after she appears to have drowned in a Battle Creek hotel’s pool.
The Battle Creek Police Department says that the 17-year-old female was found unconscious around 10pm Friday, in the pool of a hotel in the 100 block of Capital Ave...
Calhoun County Land Bank Receives $100,000 To Fight Blight
Over $3.6 million has been awarded to counties and cities across Michigan to fight blight, by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.
Several of those counties are here in Southwest Michigan; the MSHDA says Thursday that the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority will receive $100,000 to demoli…

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