Battle Creek Community Foundation

Lifecare And WMed Announce New Research Partnership
A new partnership between Battle Creek’s Lifecare Ambulance Service and Western Michigan University’s Homer Stryker School of Medicine has now been announced.
In a press conference Wednesday, Lifecare CEO Ron Slagell said that the two organizations have come together to establish an an…
Battle Creek’s Heritage Tower Remodeling Continues
Last week, work to replace roofing on the 20-story building began, work made possible thanks to an almost half-million dollar loan from the Battle Creek Community Foundation. This reroofing project is expected to take around six weeks, and constitutes a major step in the $34 million redevelopment.
KCC Offers Help To Aspiring Legacy Scholars
For Battle Creek students attempting to become Legacy Scholars, Kellogg Community College is now providing a little extra assistance.
KCC says that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from now until the end of August, students will be able to get help from the Battle Creek Community Foundation and Battle Cree…
KCC Launches Photo Contest To Celebrate Hispanic Community
Kellogg Community College is holding a photography contest to help "showcase Battle Creek's Latino and Latina Community during National Hispanic Heritage Month in September."
KCC's Center for Diversity and Innovation says that the contest is looking for local photogra…

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