Eaton County

Health Officials Warn Of West Nile Virus This Summer
The Barry-Eaton District Health Department says that since 2001, West Nile Virus has shown up every year in communities around Michigan; so far in 2018 however, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says that only mosquito populations in the Thumb and Midland areas have tested positiv…
Further Stolen Items Found On Pennfield Property Tuesday
Agencies from Calhoun, Barry, and Eaton Counties have been looking into home invasions for some time, and two suspects, Keith Worthington and Tiffany Denton, have already been arrested. Based on information gained during the investigation, it was believed that further stolen property could be locate…
Hepatitis A Outbreak Spreads To Calhoun, Eaton Counties
It looks like the southeast Michigan Hepatitis outbreak is slowly becoming the southern Michigan outbreak. On January 10, the Calhoun County Health Department said that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services now considers Calhoun County as part of the outbreak area.
Free Radon Testing Kits Offered By BEDHD
The Barry-Eaton Health Department says that radon occurs naturally in the ground, and can often accumulate inside homes; this can be a problem, since Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.
Lansing Man Arrested After Allegedly Raping Date In Marshall
A Lansing area man is behind bars after he allegedly raped a woman he was taking on a date in Calhoun County.
WWMT says that 23-year-old Dontez Boykins was in court Monday, to be charged with two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct causing injury, one of third degree CSC, along with charge…

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