Governor Rick Snyder

Audio of Governor Snyder Interview on Live with Renk
I interviewed Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on my show yesterday
We discussed his upcoming budget presentation, he gave us a Flint water issue update, his take on the sanctuary city issue increasing in Michigan and what he would like to accomplish in his last two years...
Snyder Talks Cyber Security, Road Funding and More
Governor Rick Snyder spoke Wednesday on The Richard Piet Show, looking back on a year with ups and downs.
Snyder stands behind a roads funding bill that some criticize as being short-sighted, given it relies on a financial climate several years from now...
Lt Gov Talks Budget on WBCK
Governor Rick Snyder announced his budget plan for fiscal year 2016, along with a projected 2017 budget, which he said he is proud of because it accomplishes a number of goals and still contributes to the state's rainy day fund.
Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley assisted the governor in making me…

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