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Northern Lights May Appear Tonight
A huge Earth sized sunspot exploded Friday, as it faced the Earth, sending a blast of protons towards our way. As a result, the northern lights may be visible late Sunday night to early Monday morning. The Great Lakes Aurora Hunters predict that the main plasma cloud can be expected approximate…
Free Weather Seminar
If you are one of those people who like scouting the skies during severe weather warnings, the Battle Creek Police Department is offering a free Skywarn training seminar.
It will take place on March 18th, at the Lakeview Middle School auditorium from 10 AM to Noon...
Snowfall To Taper Off
A National Weather Service issued Winter Weather Advisory for Calhoun County was set to expire at 7 p.m. Tuesday, as lake effect snow showers dissipate. That should give residents and motorists a chance to catch their collective breath after a day of heavy snow mostly west of Battle Creek, though ma…
El Nino Takes A Break
Wintry scenes like this one returned to southwest Michigan over the weekend with forecasters now saying the week's weather coming up will likely be the coldest of the season so far. The week will also feature more accumulating snow.
The National Weather Service issued a Winter Weather Advis…
Passing Showers Possible in Battle Creek
The National Weather Service forecast for Battle Creek calls for passing showers or thunderstorms over the next several days. The greatest chance for a shower is Friday, when the NWS puts the potential at 50 percent.
Rising daytime temperatures are expected, too, with the hottest day being Sunday whe…
Storms Likely Monday in Battle Creek
The National Weather Service forecast for Battle Creek shows a 70 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms Monday. Following that, the week promises sunny weather until Friday, when a passing shower could affect the area.
Late Weekend Storms Possible
The National Weather Service weekend forecast for Battle Creek increases the chances for passing showers Sunday to 40 percent. The forecast still promises peeks at the sun, at the very least.

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