Disrespect for Our Country Grows
The wave of kneeling by liberals to show disrespect to our flag, country and police force is growing.
Now it has reached the liberal bastion of Ann Arbor and I am not talking about the U of M football team.
At Monday’s Ann Arbor city council meeting, four council members took a knee du…
De-Policing: What is That?
The other day I spoke about how the number of homicides in Baltimore this year is soaring, in fact it has reaching 100 before the end of April for the first time in nearly two decades.
I also informed you that the mayor of Baltimore is asking the FBI for more help...
MCOLES Conducting Online Community Survey On Police Relations
The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards has launched a community survey, to determine how much the public trusts in law enforcement.
MCOLES says in a release Thursday that the survey was put in motion by an executive order from Governor Rick Snyder in October 2016, that told the organiza…

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