Battle Creek Reminds Residents To Be Charitable This Tax Season
It’s tax season, and the City of Battle Creek is reminding people that you can always be charitable while doing your local taxes. While you’re doing your city income taxes, after you calculate your refund, there’s a box on the BC-1040 form that allows you to select a donation if…
Michigan Taxpayer Money Spent on Sexual Harassment Complaints
Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request we found out that we all had the privilege of paying $269,000 to investigate and settle sexual harassment case or cases by members of the Michigan Senate.
The complaints, investigation and settlements happened between January 1, 2000 and December …
Global Warming, 5.2 Trillion and 0.2 Degrees
Do you believe that the remote possibility of lowering our temperature of the planet by 0.2 degrees by 2100 is worth $5,200,000,000,000 dollars?
The United Nations (UN) does.
The Daily Caller is reporting that the UN is demanding that the member countries of the UN chip in a minimum of $5...

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